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Lynda Andrews-Barry

Name: Lynda Andrews-Barry

Website Linkhttp://lyndaandrews-barry.com

Where are you located?  Kensington, Maryland, four miles outside of Washington, DC

Tell us a bit about yourself:  I am originally from Berkeley, California, but moved to Maryland when I was in high school.  I have a degree in interior design and worked as a project architect for 9 years before attending metal school in Baltimore. I have been making jewelry for about ten years now, and i love it. I live in a 110-year-old renovated farm house with my high school sweet heart (who is now my husband) and my fantastic black labrador, Oto. I love living in the Washington DC area! It is a beautiful, friendly city (despite what you hear on talk radio) with a thriving arts community.

When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art?  I believe I sold my first box of Crayon-colored rocks door to door when I was about 6. I thought they were cool and that is the same reason I make jewelry.

What do you make? I make pretty things.

What materials and methods do you use?  I am currently working on two completely different lines of jewelry. “Herban Elements” are a collection of natural forms cast in sterling silver and electroformed in copper. On my daily walks with my dog I collect flowers, weeds, seeds, pods and other interesting natural and found objects. I electroform my finds in copper or cast them in sterling silver and then create jewelry from the new metal parts. Finally, I add textures, patinas and sometimes oil paints to my pieces.  My other work is a grouping of kiln-fired enamels, “high contrast.”  My work in enamel was inspired by me receiving a kiln for Christmas and thus feeling obligated to use it. “High Contrast” are brilliant three-dimensional shapes I cut with dies I make myself using my 20 ton hydraulic press. Sometimes I incorporate vintage stampings into my work. I solder the appropriate sterling silver finding to each piece and then sift the chosen color of glass enamel over it. Every color is kiln fired separately at 1520 degrees.

Where do your design inspirations come from?  I am inspired by everything and anything, or sometimes nothing. I keep a sketch pad with me or I use my Iphone to take photos of stuff, so when nothing happens I am ready. I really have enough ideas to keep me busy for more time than I have in this life, though.

oak bud toggle

oak bud toggle

What is your best working environment/where is your studio? I love my studio! My studio is the basement level of our house: It is bright and organized and big. It has everything I need to make things happen… or watch TV.

Where can your products be seen?  lyndaandrews-barry.com,   designoptions.etsy.com, herbanelements.etsy.com  and Dawanda

Upcoming events:  December 5-22 Washington DC downtown holiday market in front of the National Portrait Gallery. Check my website for exact times: my newsletter/calendar.

Magazine articles or pressWashington Post express featureEtsy Storque spotlight, Etsy Feature:fresh shops  diycitymag.net feature and contributer

Who are you a fan of? The ancient African cultures, especially Nigeria; the ancient Greeks and Romans; the Dutch masters; Michaelangelo; Leonardo; Louis Sullivan; Ettori Sottsass; Angston Hughes; Andi Warhol; my parents; Prince; Barack Obama

Price range: $18-$3400

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:  I love this ring because I found the coneflower seed head in my garden. the plant produces lovely magenta flowers each summer, but I had no idea there was this amazing form left over in the fall. After electroforming it in copper, I set it on a ring shank I formed from a tulip poplar tree stamen I cast in sterling silver.

Anything else you wish to add here?  Thank you for noticing my work!


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Michelle Hambourg – My Belle Bijoux

Name:  My Belle Bijoux (Michelle Hambourg)

WebsiteLink: http://mybellebijoux.etsy.com

Whereare you located?  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tree of life collection

Tree of Life Collection

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Bio: Michelle Hambourg is a jewellery designer, an entrepreneur and above all, an artist.

She has been dabbling in the arts for many years, ever since the day she painted a mural on her bedroom wall with the contents of her diaper! As the story goes, her parents were less than thrilled with this installation piece but look back on it now as the first sign of Michelle’s unyielding creativity and artistic passion.

As she grew out of her diapers, Michelle continued to follow her imaginative intuitions and had an active involvement in the arts throughout public school, high school and university, eventually leading to her BA from the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University. She believesthat it is her artistic background that has given her the impetus to alwaysstrive to construct one-of-a-kind pieces, unlike any others she has seen before.

woodburned pendant

When did you start creating your jewelry/art?  I first started to play around with beads about 5 years ago. My designs have evolved and changed quite a bit since then, and I have only been creating the type of jewelry that I make now for about a year.

What exactly do you create?  I make one-of-a-kind artistic jewelry, specializing in wire work and wood burning.

What materials and methods do you use?  Mainly wood and wire and various beads. My favourite beads lately are usually freshwater pearls and shell beads.

Where do your design inspirations come from? I am mostly inspired by trees and nature; anything surreal or with a dream-like quality; and of course, other artists.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio?   I have a studio in my basement at home, although my “working environment” tends to be anywhere in the house. I’m a tad disorganized in this respect. I also like to work outside on a nice, warm day or at my cottage, with a gorgeous view of the lake.

Where can your products be seen?

In my Etsy store, on my Flickr page, on my Blog and in my Facebook Group

woodburned pendant

Hype on King
September 6thin Kitchener, Ontario

The ClothingShow
September 27th– 29th at the Exhibition In Toronto, Ontario

Who are you a fan of? I’m a fan of ALL of the fabulous artists on Etsy.com

Price range: $5 – $50

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations: One of my current favourite creations is actually my newest collection, which is still in the experimental phase. I refer to this new collection as “Multi-MediaPendants,” as they can’t really be categorized as one specific form of art. To create these pendants, I first etch a design into a wooden shape with a woodburner. After that, I hand paint them to add some variation in colour, then I affix various beads and other embellishments to adorn them. After that, the piece is coated with resin for a shiny, protective seal. You can see the first few completed Multi-Media Pendants here:

Multimedia Pendant
Multimedia Pendant

We enjoy the interesting and original ways you mix media to make such pretty designs!

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