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Silke Buechler – Calypso’s Beads

Name: Silke Buechler a.k.a. Calypso’s Beads


Website Link: and

Where are you located?  Ulm, Germany

Tell us a bit about yourself: I was born and raised in the idyllic city of Ulm which is located in the South of Germany, between Stuttgart and Munich. I used to work in an advertising department of a big international company and, in addition, was occupied with media design works on freelance-basis till I became a “late”-mummy in 2007. Now, I enjoy my three years “baby-break”and after that will only work part-time so that I am able to have more time for my beloved glass beads.

mandala2When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art? I was caught by the bead virus in summer 2004. I saw some lampwork beads in a shop window and that same day spent hours investigating, surfing the Internet and reading all about lampwork beading. One week later, I sat at the torch by myself and tried the first beads.

What do you make? Beads of soft glass – mainly bead sets – rather seldom focals. And I almost only do beads that are wearable. Therefore, most of my beads are flat / squeezed, because I myself prefer to wear flat rather than round beads and not too big, because you want to hang them round your neck or wrist and if they are too big, they become too heavy. I love making beads with fanciful patterns so that each time you look at them, you might find something new to discover.

What materials and methods do you use? All kind of soft glass, goldstone.

Where do your design inspirations come from? From everywhere … shopping tours where I see skirts made of beautiful patterned fabric, flipping through a magazine with interesting advertising pictures, a weekend-trip to a beautiful town in springtime, walk in the park …

hommageankarmencita_450What is your best working environment/where is your studio? My studio is in my house. I have a separate room stuffed with glass and all the accessories. My “realm of glass beads”(hope I translated this correctly..)

Where can your products be seen? or the German link or on etsy

Upcoming events: I do not do shows – only very small ones here in the area where I live.

Magazine articles or press: Glas…Perlen…eigenArt, GER (ISBN 978-3-00-022186-6)

Who are you a fan of? There are many many bead artists that I like very much. When I started bead making, Corina Tettinger’s book “Passing The Flame” was my bible – I really love this book. Today, I adore the beads of David Sivers, Lisa Fletcher, Manuela Wutschke and Lydia Muell.

Tell us  a little about one of your favorite creations:  I do not really have favorite creations. Almost each time a new set is completed I am thinking “wow, I like this set so much, I will keep it for myself.”  Then the beads lie there on the table some days and when another set is finished, I decide to give the older set away. Can’t keep all those beads for me 😉 ….. The beads I am making reflect the mood I am in when sitting at the torch. Perhaps this is why I love each new set most.  There are sets that I do not forget because they meant a milestone for my work. These are certainly the sets that I did during my four month stay in Thailand .. one of those:


And this set is also rememberable for me:



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Kerri Fuhr


Name: Kerri Fuhr

Website Link:

Where are you located? British Columbia, Canada

the-guardianTell us a bit about yourself: I am a full time glass bead designer living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I live with my very supportive boyfriend, 3 dogs and my rather pugnacious cat!

When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art? I started eight years ago when I treated myself to a glass beadmaking class for my 30th birthday. The class was taught by a friend of mine, Walt Pinder, and I had so much fun that I bought myself a beginners kit and started making beads in my garage at home. After a few years of learning the basics and making gifts for friends, people started to ask to buy my beads! So I ventured into the world of bead shows and started selling my work. Learning jewelry skills along the way, I then started selling my beads and jewelry in local galleries and now for the past four years this has been a full time career for me.

What do you make? I create glass beads as well as jewelry. I mostly specialize in creating beads for other jewelry designers to use in their creations as well as specialty focal beads for collectors world-wide.


What materials and methods do you use? I create my beads using glass rods imported from Italy as well as specialty glass made in the US and Canada. I use a small table-top torch that is powered by an oxygen concentrator and natural gas which is fitted directly from my bench in my studio. Using simple tools and small threads of glass called stringer, I “paint” with glass in the torch flame and create my miniature works of art one at a time.

Where do your design inspirations come from? I find that most of my inspiration comes from the natural world around me. I enjoy creating beads with insects and birds especially. Dragonflies, honeybees, ravens and herons are among my favorite subjects to depict in glass. I strive for realism in my pieces and so I spend a lot of time studying my subjects. I also love history and the designs in late medieval and victorian tapestries inspire me. I currently have a line of beads I call my “Tapestry Collection” that are inspired by the botanical styles of these historical woven pieces.



What is your best working environment/where is your studio? I am fortunate in that I have an amazing studio right in my backyard! I designed it and had it constructed to be the perfect environment for making beads. An eleven foot workbench, a custom – fitted gas connection for my torch, lots of windows and ample storage make it a great place to work! I also decorated the studio in a lavish Moroccan theme, as our climate here is often grey and rainy so I wanted a cheerful and sunny place to work each day. Warm colors and exotic touches keep my spirits up and inspire me everyday, no matter the weather!


Where can your products be seen?  You can visit my website to view galleries of my past work as well as view work that is currently available. I sell my beads on Etsy. There is also a link on the “Available Work” page on my website and bead show updates are listed on my website also. 


Upcoming events: I will be at several great bead shows throughout the year!

The Best Bead Show – Miami, April 24-26
Double Tree Merchandise Mart – West Hall
711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL, 33126

Whole Bead Show, Vancouver May 1-3
Empire Landmark Hotel
Crystal Ballroom
1400 Robson Street, Vancouver BC
Friday & Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday Noon to 5pm

dragonfly-tapestry-vessel-2Bead and Button Show June 4-7
Midwest Airlines Center
400 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

Puget Sound Bead Festival July 10-12
Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
1500 Broadway Ave; Tacoma, Wa

ISGB Gathering Bead Bazaar July 24-26
Miami, FL
(more information TBA)

Magazine articles or press: I have been a featured artist in The Glass Bead Magazine, as well as recently featured in the Flow Magazine for the Glass Craft Emerging Artist Awards.
Who are you a fan of? I admire so many talented glass artists it’s hard to mention them all, but Vittorio Costantini, Andrea Guarino, Leah Fairbanks and Holly Cooper among my favorite glass artists!
Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations: I have recently been experimenting with enamels (powdered glass) and I enjoy the watercolor-like effects I am able to achieve on my beads with them. A bead entitled “Heron’s Moon” is one of my most recent favorite creations made with the use of enamels and fine stringer.

Heron's Moon

Heron's Moon

Anything else you wish to add?  I am now starting to teach intermediate and advanced glass bead classes at various studios throughout the US and Canada and am working on a tutorial series on the techniques I use to create my beads that will be available soon! Please check my website for updates!



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A look back at our December featured artisans

A summary of our talented December featured artisans.  Be sure to check out their websites.

Keep up to date on the latest events and news about your favorite World Artisan Gems by bookmarking and checking in at World Artisan Gems News and Events

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A look back at our November featured artisans

We are on to another month of great artisans. Hope you enjoyed viewing the work seen here and visit the websites of our featured artisans to see their latest creations.

Keep up to date on the latest events and news about your favorite World Artisan Gems by bookmarking and checking in at World Artisan Gems News and Events

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Cynthia Tilker


Name: Cynthia Tilker 

Website Link:

Where are you located?  Santa Rosa, California

img31391_potted_bouquet_1Tell us a bit about yourself: I have been working with glass for about 10 years now on and off.  The off times were short though.  It’s very hard to stay away from glass for very long.  I have not had the priviledge of taking any formal classes.  I’ve learned from books, and many, many hours behind the torch.  No matter how many hours I spend making glass art, there is always something more to learn.  I seem to never run out of ideas or the drive to make my ideas transform into a bead.  After all of these years working with glass,  I am now teaching lampwork which has really opened up a whole new aspect of this artform for me, and I am really enjoying it.

When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art?  I have always been very creative.  My mother tought me how to sew, knit, crochet, needlepoint and anything else that was possible to create with fiber.  I started my hand at making beads from polymer clay and wanted to incorporate glass into my finished peices.  My husband brought me home a torch and some glass and set me up in the garage and it just seemed to take over EVERYTHING.  The polymer came to a screeching hault and although I still like to work with fiber, it has slowed way down because of the time I spend in my glass studio. 

peepers-1What do you make? I make large focal beads, meaning each of my beads is a small piece of artwork that has some kind of theme.  I like each bead to tell a story and to be able to stand alone.  I have my character series that I really enjoy making.  They are all face beads and all have different personalities.   I just keep adding to my family of beads and I love to think of new ideas.  I don’t make sets of beads because I love working on a large scale, so the focal bead is my favorite.  The larger the bead or canvas, the more detail I can fit on or in the bead.

What materials and methods do you use? I use mostly Moretti, Murano and German Lausha glasses.  The methods I use are anything and everything I can come up with to achieve my final result.  I often say that if a master lampworker watched me, he/she might just fall off the chair.  I don’t know if my methods are right or wrong in other lampworkers’ eyes, but it’s what I do to achive the look and individuality of my beads.

Where do your design inspirations come from? I have always loved anything whimsical.  I love sparkle, bling and color, which really plays a huge part in my bead styles.  I just keep adding elements to my beads until there is no more room left.  I make a lot of forest character beads which really allows me to just go on forever in how I want to create my own little fantasy world. 


woodland-3What is your best working environment/where is your studio? My studio is in my garage and is set up exactly the way I want it to be, which makes it very comfortable for me to sit and create. 

Where can your products be seen? I sell on Ebay under the screen name “glassactcc”   and

img31426_orange_potted_plant_upUpcoming events: Classes at Arrow Springs and a brand new Tutorial.

Who are you a fan of?  My earliest inspiration was Kimberly Osibin.  Her work really spoke to me, and I strived to even come close what she could do with glass.  There are so many wonderful glass artists around, that it’s hard to really single one out, but I know that Kimberly really gave me the drive to pursue this form of artwork and for pushing myself to become better and better.

Tell us  a little about one of your favorite creations:  One of my favorite beads would have to be my “Wildwood” bead.  This bead was made to look as if there was a complete forest in the bead under a clear encasement of glass complete with sparkle, trees, flowers, plants and anything else I could fit into it.



Anything else you wish to add?  Thank you so much for inviting me to join the wonderful array of artisans that are here on your website.  I am in good company.


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Stephanie Sersich


Name: Stephanie Sersich

Website Link:

Where are you located? 15 Perkins St. Topsham, Maine 04086

Tell us a bit about yourself: I live on the coast of Maine, and my work is very much inspired by the ocean and the treasures beneath. When I’m not making jewelry, I love to run my dog on the beach or in the neighboring woods. I love to knit and garden, too! Textiles and my garden also bring me loads of inspiration.

assorted_2005_2_300wWhen and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art? I have been making jewelry since I was a little girl – I always say, since I was stringing pasta on yarn! I began working with glass and making beads when I was in college. My art became a business 10 years ago when I got out of college.  My mom collects ethnic jewelry and clothing, so it’s been a passion for as long as I can remember. While I originally learned to make beads on my own, my best tricks and techniques came from Sage and Tom Holland, who live and teach in the Ozarks of Arkansas. They were some of the pioneers of the bead-making movement. I feel very lucky to call them my friends and mentors.

What do you make? I make glass beads, using the ancient technique of lampworking.  I make my jewelry by combining them with vintage beads, talismans, natural materials, cords and fibers. My jewelry is full of color and texture. The large neckpieces are pretty wild, and I also make individual beads and smaller items for other jewelers to incorporate into their own pieces. 

flower_06_300wWhat materials and methods do you use? I make my beads from Effetre and Bullseye glass (both soft glasses), chosen for their high-contrast color palette. I use other beads and items that add a different sheen than the glass.  I like to mix shiny and pitted, new and old, bright and muted. The assemblage-type pieces are made from my signature Spiny Knotting technique, which is derived from macramé knotting.  I also love to just simply string beads, but mostly I can’t help adding fibers and knots to make my items more unique.

Where do your design inspirations come from? The natural world is an endless source of inspiration.  I love pod-shapes and radial forms, like flowers and stars. I like rocks and shells, encrusted with barnacles and sea-shells and funny-shaped growths.  Anything with a varying texture and things that stick out.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio? I live in Topsham, Maine in a Greek Revival house, built in 1830. My studio is in the carriage house. I make beads and teach classes on the main level and string beads and work in the upstairs office, in a well-lit room with high-ceilings.  I love space, and that’s important when you have a lot of stuff.

bauble_neck_2006_2_300wWhere can your products be seen? As far as retail locations, I have my work at several galleries, like Foundry Lane in Portland, Maine and Arts Afire, a glass gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. I also do several bead and craft shows (listed on my website) in different parts of the country. I’ve recently written a book called Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads, published by Interweave Press, and I have an example of almost everything I make in there! There are 20 “How-To” projects, as well as classifications of glass beads, a history of glass beads and useful tips and tools for beaders.

Upcoming events: This season, I have two craft shows in New England, but I’m also preparing for the Pasadena Bead and Design Show in January. I have a piece that just won an award at The Bead Museum in Washington, DC – part of their Celebrating Beads event. In March of 2009, I am teaching a collaborative class with my friend, fellow beadmaker Michele Goldstein, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where we plan to bead and laugh ourselves silly.  I love to teach, and workshops are the events that I look forward to the most.


Magazine articles or press:
My own book: Designing Jewelry With Glass Beads
And I have photos in several others, including:
Beads of Glass by Cindy Jenkins
Contemporary Lampworking and Formed of the Fire by Bandhu Scott Dunham

I have had magazine articles in Ornament, Beadwork, Bead & Button Magazine, Lapidary Journal and others.

Who are you a fan of? Other people’s jewelry & beads?  Gail Crosman-Moore, Michele Goldstein, Dustin Tabor, Amy Johnson, Lucie Weir, Bronwen Heilman, Caitlin Hyde, Isis Ray

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:  Like to make the big, outrageous pieces, like the Fiesta Necklace.

Fiesta Necklace

Fiesta Necklace

Anything else you wish to add? There are two things I love about my job – combining the colors and textures, and teaching.  Nothing brings me more joy than coaching a student to make something they had never envisioned, but that comes from inside them.  The exchange of excitement gives me a true connection to other people.  The power of creating something joyful from inanimate materials is a thrilling experience.  I just can’t get enough of it.


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A look back at our October featured artisans

Thank you for visiting all of the great sites of our featured October World Artisan Gems. We have a growing mailing list with many people coming here to see the beautiful work of these talented emerging and established artisans and their newest creations.  Artisans featured here produce unique and one-of-a-kind artwork ~ don’t miss out ~ allow World Artisan Gems to be your guide to the most spectacular jewelry and glass art from around the world!  Thank you for spreading the word and showing your support for these talented independent artisans!

We will soon be featuring a section of this site dedicated to posting upcoming shows and events for our featured designers. Check back in the coming weeks for this page.

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