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Lisa Bruemmer

Name: Lisa Bruemmer

Website Link:

Where are you located? Philadelphia, PA

Tell us a bit about yourself: After working as an apparel designer at Anthropologie for a little over four years, I have just recently left my job in order to focus on my jewelry business. I am a lover of all things vintage & storied… some of my favorite finds are: a well-worn Russian book of nursery rhymes, a hand-carved portrait of a woman on a piece of scrap wood, and an antique crochet lace blouse. I inherited my craftiness from a long line of quilters, tatters, embroiderers, & seamstresses. I’m originally from Ohio, currently live in Philly with my fiancé & precious pup, aspire to see every corner of the world, and to live in a few of them too!

When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art? I started making jewelry about a year and a half ago – just as a little something to occupy my creative energy after my day job. I have always loved & collected lace – my Great Aunt Marg was an incredible tatter & I was blessed with part of her collection when she passed away. Although none of her actual pieces have made it into my Etsy shop (they are tucked away safe & sound!), they got me thinking about how I love the juxtaposition of delicate against tough — in this case, lace against metal. I tinkered around, made my sister & some close friends some pieces & voila, I was in love. I’ve been keeping at it ever since.

What do you make? I make necklaces & earrings out of vintage lace & findings.

What materials and methods do you use? I use vintage lace, vintage glass beads, & antiqued chain.

Where do your design inspirations come from? I am inspired by so many things & people… some of the necklaces in my shop have been inspired by & named after those closest to me. Beyond that, I look to nature & all of the amazing vintage bits & baubs I have surrounded myself with… their well-loved looks always put me in a happy place!

What is your best working environment/where is your studio? My studio is nestled in a cheery little corner of my house, stuffed to the brim with all of the things I love. I have everything I need at my fingertips, either tucked away in a charming little cabinet that my grandfather made, or lined up along my favorite wall in the room – it’s covered in lovely lace wallpaper by British artist Louise Body. With sunshine streaming in through the windows & my little pup, Atlas, keeping me company, I’m at my best.

Where can your products be seen? In my Etsy shop & on my Facebook page.     Also, my jewelry can be found at Vagabond Boutique in Philly, The Little Apple in Manayunk. White Elephant Boutique in Ontario, and Tedda Hughes in San Francisco.

Upcoming events: I will be participating in the next Punk Rock Flea market to be held in Philly later this month! It’s always a great time.

Magazine articles or press:

Who are you a fan of? Elinart, Spinthread, Laura Lombardi, Miss Amy Phipps, Wondercabinet, Debeaux Souvenirs, Lapomme, Elsita, Enhabiten, Liarock… all on Etsy!

Price Range: $18 -30

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:
Of what’s currently in my shop, it would have to be the Corinne necklace – it’s named for my dear aunt, and I love the tiny faceted leafy green beads.

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Bonnie Van Hall

Name: Bonnie Van Hall


Website Link:

Where are you located? Prescott, AZ

Tell us a bit about yourself: Unique clothing and jewelry have always held an attraction for me. From designing my own tops out of scarves as a teenager, to a fascination with the weaving of cloth from a single thread, my love for this practical and personal form of expression has continued to grow. My educational background is in spiritual psychology, and I see parallels between the forms and layers of the mind and the physical wearing of clothing. I hope my work expresses the idea that we can find meaning in everything we do, no matter how seemingly mundane or ordinary.

glasswear1047002When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art? I began doing beadwork in 1987 because I wanted to wear a certain kind of jewelry, but couldn’t find anything I liked. I taught myself to bead and gradually I found myself interested in creating larger wearable and decorative pieces. In the twenty-two years since then, I’ve found that my purpose in creating these pieces has evolved along with my skills. I’m interested in further refining my skills and methods, and finding new and more creative applications for my work. But perhaps more importantly, I’d like to generate some new interest in the old-fashioned traditional “women’s arts.”

What do you make? Most of my work is wearable, usually women’s clothing, jewelry, and handbags. Beadwork is the main focus of most of my pieces, if not the entirety. I have also experimented a bit with decorative works such as tapestries.

What materials and methods do you use? My materials range from glass beads, silver, gold and semi-precious gemstones to various fibers and antique or found objects. My methods are standard beadworking techniques (including both loom and off-loom weaving), and knitting. But I try to apply and combine these standard techniques in unique and creative ways.


Where do your design inspirations come from? Many things inspire my work, most notably nature, color, and interesting forms, but often more elusive things like ideas, numbers, and even questions. The mysteries of being alive, and inquiries into the nature and meaning of life are often the seeds that grow into a new work.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio? My “studio” is wherever I can find the space. Currently, my husband (bronze sculptor Gary Persello) and I share a tiny room in our house for studio space.

Where can your products be seen? My website has the most up-to-date works available for viewing.

libertyPrice range: My prices range from $75 items all the way up to $5000 for a one-of-a-kind beaded top.

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations: One of my favorite pieces is the very first beaded top I created, called “Desert Demonstration.” This piece actually began as a necklace/choker, but it took on a life of its own and evolved into a top made entirely of beads and gemstones. This was the beginning of a whole new direction for my work, and it really taught me to trust the creative process.


Desert Demonstration

Anything else you wish to add? For me, one of the most exciting aspects of creativity is in not knowing where it will take me next. The most recent turning point in my work has led to the combining of knitting with beadwork, and I am enjoying the new possibilities this has led to. But I fully expect this will become something else entirely, and I welcome this unknown twist of fate!


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A look back at our August featured artists

Thank you for visiting all of the great sites of our featured August World Artisan Gems. Be sure to join our mailing list so you’ll have instant access to and be the first to know the latest information about the most talented emerging and established artisans and their newest creations.  Artisans featured here produce unique and one-of-a-kind artwork ~ don’t miss out ~ allow World Artisan Gems to be your guide to the most spectacular jewelry and glass art from around the world!

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Inpeloto – Melissa Michaels

Name: Inpeloto – Melissa Michaels


Tell us a bit about yourself: Model turned designer: It is my love of poetry, music, fashion and humanity which inspired me to take my newly created acronym: Inpeloto which stands for INfinite, PEace, LOve, TOgetherness and developed a company. Inpeloto LLC comprises of volumes of my poetry, jewelry line called Inpeloto Bella: Jewelry with a Conscience™ that integrates my love of poetry into my designs. Inpeloto Bella was born out of poetry, social consciousness and activism.

If we truly embraced this mantra we would have solutions to problems and an evolutionary life. It is also a new word that speaks powerful volumes.

10% of the sales proceeds benefits: BookPALs (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) and Conservation International.

Inpeloto Bella is a founding member of a non-profit called Designers 4 Africa. It is a group of designers, businesses, authors and members of the media that wants to do more in the fight to end global poverty by giving their products for auctions, donating 100% of the proceeds to various villages in Africa and ensuring clean water in those communities. Doing what matters and making a difference is the essence of Inpeloto. Inpeloto’s mission: To be world relevant through social transformation by implementing infinite peace, love and togetherness for daily existence of conscious action. Love is a verb.

When did you start designing jewelry/art? 2006

What do you make? Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Sterling silver jewelry that incorporates symbolism of infinity, peace, love and togetherness/unity.

What materials and methods do you use? I carve wax to make my molds for the sterling silver jewelry. I also bead and use ribbons to finish off the pieces which adds an extra feminine touch

InPeLoTo necklace

InPeLoTo necklace

Where do your design inspirations come from? Great question. Art and humanity.

Where can your products be seen?

Upcoming events:Eco-Chic Appel and Frank

Past: Earth Day

Last week: Sassy City Chicks


Who are you a fan of?David Yurman and of course: Art, fashion and humanity.

Price range: $25.00 – $150.00

Tell me a little about one of your favorite creations: Inpeloto Uni-sex ring.Love it. I wear it with everything. It says it all for all of us. It’s a balancing act for the sexes and very symbolic. It has all the components that make up Inpeloto.

Inpeloto Bella unisex ring

Anything else you wish to add? Inpeloto Bella is hand crafted, original, bold, fashionable and affordable.

Melissa Michaels has also created a clothing to raise social consciousness. Thanks Melissa for your hard work ~You are an inspiration!

Inpeloto tank

Inpeloto tank


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