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Lidija Maric Fairbanks


Name: Lidija Maric Fairbanks

Website Link:

Where are you located? Loveland, Colorado

scarabbraceTell us a bit about yourself:  I grew up in Yugoslavia in a very artistic family. I spent my days in museums, galleries, and concert halls learning to appreciate the wonderful world of art. My childhood was affected by the communistic and socialistic regimes and art was my escape into a more wonderful and friendly world. I took many art classes like painting and ceramic sculpture. I received a diploma in leather accessory design. Currently, I am attending a school for interior design.  I met my husband, Adam, in England. We fell in love and got married in Germany. It was quite an unusual love story, but it worked out for us and we were blessed with two wonderful boys that joined our family. Art was always a part of my life. All of life is art. For me, I’m doing art when I’m cooking, decorating my house, applying makeup in the morning, painting, and when I’m making dolls and jewelry. When art becomes a part of your soul, then everything you do in life is radiated in a beautifully creative light… Life becomes magical for you and everyone around you is affected. Creating an enchanted atmosphere is more than arranging furniture and cooking food, it is a reflection of who you have become.   I would like to look back one day at my life and see it as one big art masterpiece combining these smaller pieces I do every day.   We live in Northern Colorado. After years of searching, we moved here a couple years ago from California and we are finally home.


When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art?  I always loved very unique things and jewelry was my passion for many years before I actually started making it myself. I would always imagine some unusual and unique forms that I could be wearing around my neck or hand. I didn’t know how to make it, but I knew how it was supposed to look. One day, many years ago, I met someone who gave me a lesson in free form Peyote and everything started from there.  I love watching the expressions on people’s faces when I wear a piece of jewelry that no one has ever seen before. I feel that it is very special and unique, just as we all are.

emotionbrac2What do you make?  I make jewelry, ceramics, and art dolls. I also sell kits for art dolls so people can make their own unique creations. By helping people express themselves, I feel that I am helping them further develop their own creative soul.

What materials and methods do you use?  My favorite thing to make is a free form piece. You start with a single bead and then the whole piece creates itself in front of your eyes. In this way, you are surprised with the result as much as others are. Every time you create a new piece, it has its own new life. There are no mistakes in free form art, no limitations, its absolute freedom.  For materials, I use different kinds of beads, cabs, antique buttons, crystals, ceramic faces, and so on. Anything that grabs my eye will end up on my neck!

Where do your design inspirations come from?  Inspiration comes from dreams, nature, and unexpected places. I keep a journal by my bed, so that when I dream up a piece of jewelry, I can quickly sketch out the idea before I forget it. Most of the time I just start a piece and then inspiration comes during the creation. I think this is important for people to understand that you don’t need inspiration to start a project, that inspiration is the project.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio?  I have a large studio in my house. I have 10 different projects that I am concurrently working on at all times. I like beading outdoors in the summer.

lju1Where can your products be seen?     and   my blog

Magazine articles or press: Doll crafter and Costuming magazine August 2008;  Doll Crafter and Costuming –March 2007;  Dolls United- “Tropical” issue;  Contemporary Doll Collector-June/July 2007;             Soft Dolls and Animals- May 2007;  Dolls United published “The Elect”; August 2006 – Dolls United Magazine, Fairytale Issue, pages 29-36;
July/August 2006 – Belle Armoire, Salon, page 67…

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations:   One of my favorite creations is my beaded doll that won the “All Dolled Up” competition a few years ago. I had big offers from a doll collector who wanted to purchase this doll but unfortunately… I do not sell my dolls. They are promised to stay in our family.



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Kerri Fuhr


Name: Kerri Fuhr

Website Link:

Where are you located? British Columbia, Canada

the-guardianTell us a bit about yourself: I am a full time glass bead designer living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I live with my very supportive boyfriend, 3 dogs and my rather pugnacious cat!

When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art? I started eight years ago when I treated myself to a glass beadmaking class for my 30th birthday. The class was taught by a friend of mine, Walt Pinder, and I had so much fun that I bought myself a beginners kit and started making beads in my garage at home. After a few years of learning the basics and making gifts for friends, people started to ask to buy my beads! So I ventured into the world of bead shows and started selling my work. Learning jewelry skills along the way, I then started selling my beads and jewelry in local galleries and now for the past four years this has been a full time career for me.

What do you make? I create glass beads as well as jewelry. I mostly specialize in creating beads for other jewelry designers to use in their creations as well as specialty focal beads for collectors world-wide.


What materials and methods do you use? I create my beads using glass rods imported from Italy as well as specialty glass made in the US and Canada. I use a small table-top torch that is powered by an oxygen concentrator and natural gas which is fitted directly from my bench in my studio. Using simple tools and small threads of glass called stringer, I “paint” with glass in the torch flame and create my miniature works of art one at a time.

Where do your design inspirations come from? I find that most of my inspiration comes from the natural world around me. I enjoy creating beads with insects and birds especially. Dragonflies, honeybees, ravens and herons are among my favorite subjects to depict in glass. I strive for realism in my pieces and so I spend a lot of time studying my subjects. I also love history and the designs in late medieval and victorian tapestries inspire me. I currently have a line of beads I call my “Tapestry Collection” that are inspired by the botanical styles of these historical woven pieces.



What is your best working environment/where is your studio? I am fortunate in that I have an amazing studio right in my backyard! I designed it and had it constructed to be the perfect environment for making beads. An eleven foot workbench, a custom – fitted gas connection for my torch, lots of windows and ample storage make it a great place to work! I also decorated the studio in a lavish Moroccan theme, as our climate here is often grey and rainy so I wanted a cheerful and sunny place to work each day. Warm colors and exotic touches keep my spirits up and inspire me everyday, no matter the weather!


Where can your products be seen?  You can visit my website to view galleries of my past work as well as view work that is currently available. I sell my beads on Etsy. There is also a link on the “Available Work” page on my website and bead show updates are listed on my website also. 


Upcoming events: I will be at several great bead shows throughout the year!

The Best Bead Show – Miami, April 24-26
Double Tree Merchandise Mart – West Hall
711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL, 33126

Whole Bead Show, Vancouver May 1-3
Empire Landmark Hotel
Crystal Ballroom
1400 Robson Street, Vancouver BC
Friday & Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday Noon to 5pm

dragonfly-tapestry-vessel-2Bead and Button Show June 4-7
Midwest Airlines Center
400 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

Puget Sound Bead Festival July 10-12
Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
1500 Broadway Ave; Tacoma, Wa

ISGB Gathering Bead Bazaar July 24-26
Miami, FL
(more information TBA)

Magazine articles or press: I have been a featured artist in The Glass Bead Magazine, as well as recently featured in the Flow Magazine for the Glass Craft Emerging Artist Awards.
Who are you a fan of? I admire so many talented glass artists it’s hard to mention them all, but Vittorio Costantini, Andrea Guarino, Leah Fairbanks and Holly Cooper among my favorite glass artists!
Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations: I have recently been experimenting with enamels (powdered glass) and I enjoy the watercolor-like effects I am able to achieve on my beads with them. A bead entitled “Heron’s Moon” is one of my most recent favorite creations made with the use of enamels and fine stringer.

Heron's Moon

Heron's Moon

Anything else you wish to add?  I am now starting to teach intermediate and advanced glass bead classes at various studios throughout the US and Canada and am working on a tutorial series on the techniques I use to create my beads that will be available soon! Please check my website for updates!



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Paula Huckabay


Name:   Paula Huckabay

Website Link:

Where are you located?  Fresno CA

moss freeform peyote

moss freeform peyote

Tell us a bit about yourself:  A self taught artist, I have been drawing and painting most of my life.  I have lived and traveled over much of this great country (and Canada) and would love to visit other parts of the world.  I am one of those who does not step out of the house without wearing my jewelry whether I’m in blue jeans or dressed to the nines!   I love feminine things and jewelry to me is like the frame on a painting, you are just not complete without it.  I am a proud member of SRAJD (self representing artist jewelry designer).

aqua-crystal-starburstWhen and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art?  It began when I was a very young girl drawing paper dolls with pages and pages of “outfits” including every possible accessory imaginable.  I came from a very artistic family and we were always doing something creative.   After high school I started painting in oils and still love to paint to this day.  I learned to sew at a young age and when our youngest daughter married I made her wedding dress with over 80 yards of lace sewn on.  I started beading back in the 80’s making the seed bead chandelier earrings that were so popular, then didn’t go any further with it until about 8 years ago.  The beading world was really starting to evolve again and I fell in love with designing and making jewelry.  It was like having a whole new type of canvas to work with and beading truly is an art form.

What do you make? Mostly bracelets, necklaces and earrings but I am venturing into a few new things such as brooches, more extensive freeform peyote and cabochons, LOVE cabochons! 

sandandseaWhat materials and methods do you use?  I love working with the gorgeous handmade lampwork beads that are available, there are some incredibly talented artists out there.  All of the jewelry I make now is made with Sterling Silver, 14k gold filled or Vermeil components.    I have recently started doing freeform peyote jewelry and it is fast becoming a favorite because it allows me to use my artistic abilities in the design and creation of a piece.  I am always excited to learn new techniques and my jewelry designing is always evolving.  I use a wide range of materials from crystal, glass, gemstones, pearls, lucite, whatever the design or the piece calls for.

Where do your design inspirations come from? Inspiration comes from many different places.   At times it comes from the beads, sometimes it is a color combination I want to work with or it could be a thought in the middle of the night.  Other times it might be some place I have seen or visited or even just a frame of mind, standing in the sand at the ocean or the first bloom of a flower in spring.  Yes, anywhere and everywhere.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio?  My studio is currently a spare bedroom so I am fortunate enough to have room for my oil painting and my jewelry making both but I must say the painting space has been losing ground.  There is almost always music in my studio and it might be Billy Holiday, Leon Russell or Asleep at the Wheel…..who knows?

Where can your products be seen?  My work can be seen at my website,        on Etsy       and Artfire 

Upcoming events:  none scheduled at present

Magazine articles or press:  Featured in Beading Daily “Jewelry Using Combined Techniques” and also Beading Daily “Fall 2008 Reader Gallery.”  I haven’t submitted to a magazine yet, but plan to.


Who are you a fan of?  There are some truly outstanding designers today including Holly (or “hey you”) of Bijoux d’Odalisque, Emily Gray, Sherri Serafini and many more.  My sister Sheila, my daughter Lisa, my sister-in-law Penny and my niece Stephanie are all fantastic jewelry designers and also wonderful inspiration for me.

Price range:  Currently $20 to $300

Tell us  a little about one of your favorite creations:  One of my favorite pieces is the Vintage Blush freeform peyote bracelet, the inspiration being the vintage blush colored glass button.   It was one of my first attempts at freeform peyote and it made me realize the endless possibilities for making truly artistic jewelry.

vintage blush freeform peyote

vintage blush freeform peyote

Anything else you wish to add?  I thank you for the invitation to do this interview and I am honored that you chose my designs.  I applaud what you are doing in bringing awareness to this beautiful form of art.


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Jennifer Smith-Righter


Name: Jennifer Smith-Righter  

Website Link:

Where are you located?  San Francisco Bay Area

Tell us a bit about yourself: I was formally educated in art and architecture in San Francisco. I’ve been working exclusively in jewelry for about 6 years, but I have a variety of interests, including history and anthropology. I’m currently in the research mode for writing a book about the cultural and historical aspects of adornment and moving that forward to modern materials and techniques.

Harley Chic

Harley Chic

When and why did you begin creating your jewelry/art?  I took a jewelry class as an elective in College and loved it.  I went back to it as a first love.

What do you make?  One of the first pieces I made was a Tiara for my daughters wedding that converted to be worn as a necklace.

What materials and methods do you use?  I work primarily in silver metal clay, although I also incorporate traditional fabricating techniques into my work.  I also love to add a bit of sparkle by adding stones.



Where do your design inspirations come from? I love little gears and little moving parts. I love hardware stores and machines. So I’m often making jewelry that takes something mundane and shows it’s hidden beauty. I also love natural forms — twigs, blossoms, seed pods, etc. I’m very inspired by the things I see on my daily walks.

What is your best working environment/where is your studio?  I have a studio in my home.  My commute is a breeze!

large_oakesWhere can your products be seen?  My most current work is on my Etsy website. My other (somewhat neglected and in need of a revamp) website is where you can see my broader portfolio.

Upcoming events: Valentines Virtual Trunk Show on Etsy — January 29, 2009 at 7:00 pm EST or 4pm PST

Magazine articles or press: Art Jewelry Magazine Website    and   Art Jewelry Magazine November Issue:  Arts and Crafts Necklace

Who are you a fan of?  Charles Lewton-Brain and Alan Revere are the first two that come to mind, but there are many, many peoples work whom I admire.

Tell us a little about one of your favorite creations: One of my favorite necklaces is “Blossoms.”  The blossoms are hand sculpted individually in Fine Silver. They are graduated in size and culminate in a unique double blossomed clasp. The largest blossom measures approximately one inch in diameter and the smallest is approximately one half an inch. The blossoms are connected from behind to create a seamless flow of petals that hug just at the base of the neck. This necklace was the Winner of the Japan Association for Leisure & Culture Development Award in 2008 for the North American Design Competition.



Anything else you wish to add?  I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you!  Thanks for including me on your website.


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